Here’s what we’ve been up to

photo credit: Lubomirkin on Unsplash

We enjoy summer as much as any naked baby in a bucket and this summer has been better and busier than ever.

Tree Haus has been chugging along behind the scenes. Many, many coffee dates with creatives, mentors, doulas, friends who have great ideas, real estate brokers, and financial planners. Seriously, I will take all the help and brainstorming sessions I can get. Opening a business is the most terrifying, thrilling, overwhelming, exciting and confusing task I’ve taken on. More than anything, opening a business without many other businesses to model after… that’s even more exciting (crazy?).

Right now, we are looking for a location, drafting and re-drafting the business plan, and creating financial models. All those fun tasks you look forward to when the baby goes down for a nap! But today we’re talking location!

Trying to decide on a location that works for as many people as possible is daunting. Should we pay more to rent in a prime mecca location next to tons of shops? Would an up and coming, less expensive part of town be better? Does deep in the heart of the city make sense? Should walkability be a top priority, or should we prioritize the amount of parking spaces? Who out there doesn’t care about any of those things as long as there’s a Target nearby??

Those are the questions floating in my head about location alone.  To work them over more I need to hear from you.

I have planned four informational sessions/gatherings next month; I’d love to hear from all of you. What matters most? What has been forgotten? This space is for you, the moms (and dads!). What you think matters! Join me for one, two, or four conversations and tell me what matters to you! Visit the events page or Tree Haus’ instagram page for details, @TreeHausRVA. Can’t wait to meet you!

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